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The Boston Music Coalition

From Fenway to Franklin Park, we are active with projects spanning several music genres.

Boston Music

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Welcome To The Boston Music Coalition

The Boston Music Coalition publicizes live music. We have a reservoir of contacts through our growing communications machine. The Boston Music Coalition utilizes several media platforms including TV, Internet channels and social networking. We publicize for major artists including Livingston Taylor, emerging talent and event management to help make your project a hit!

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Take the Music Beat news Pool. "Would you go out to hear live Music in Boston if the T hours were extended to 2:00 AM on weekends?Click Here!

Boston Spot-Lite The Concierge Specialists.
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We Can Help You Make Some Noise About Your Favorate Band, DJ, Well Planned Event Or That Cool Place You just Found. Your BMCiReporter Music News Could Make our next Blog. Send it to
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